10 days in the life of an artist.

10 days in the
life of an artist

I am regularly asked, ‘What do artists do each day - what do you get up to?’ 

It is an interesting question because I find I have to be open and spontaneous in order to be creative.

The structure of a 9-5 day would be counterproductive to ‘the process’.
For me at least. 
So, my ‘typical’ week probably looks totally random to most people. 

As an exercise of discovery and insight I’ve taken the challenge to document some of what I do. 
If you’re curious or interested you can check this project out on my Instagram or Facebook Stories. 
Would love your feedback, comments or questions. 
Please be kind. 
Thanks. See you tomorrow!

This might get crazy.

Being ‘in the moment’ and open, often means laughing out loud and letting the crazy moods flow. 
Holding back or acting based on someone else’s rules or opinions stifles my creativity.
Being true to me, and genuine in my thoughts, feelings, actions and interactions is extremely liberating and helps the artistic process. 

It’s personal and a bit revealing but it works for me. 


Sometimes it flows

Some days the artwork flows and I lose track of time. The paint flies and the work comes alive. 

Other days it can be hard.
Indecision and doubt can take hold. 
Walking the dog, breathing in some fresh air, listening to some great music or a podcast, sipping fresh coffee - are some of my reset buttons.